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My Prestige Pass gives you access to Everything I offer for a whole year. All of my classes, full access to The Veggie Club, all of my cooking and Klutter classes, the new cookbook that’s coming out, my monthly audio CDs, and the very successful Business Breakthrough class (valued at $675, offered twice a year).

You get front of the line, guaranteed access to everything. No shipping costs. No need to register individually for new classes. They’re all yours.

And as a special bonus, all annual Prestige members are invited to have dinner with me in Paris. I’ll be your tour guide, and I’ll even cook dinner myself.

I will be offering FIVE (5) Prestige Pass spots for sale on Friday, January 21st.

If you’d like to get more info, and be notified when these limited become available, you should sign up below 🙂

All best,


1 Donna

Dinner in Paris sounds great if I can just win and then get there. lol.

2 Melody

Dinner in Paris sounds lovely!! However I and still saving up to join your back to basic cooking class. If I won this, how about you come to Michigan I will treat you to dinner… would that not be lovely to meet face to face with some of your members… This contest sounds lovely but I am not sure I could afford it if I won.
I love your videos and your cooking tips .. sorry I could not afford the clutter class and the good Lord knows I needed it hahahahaha…..

3 Shelley (Head Tomato)

Hi everyone, hmm sorry if there’s any confusion 🙂 There isn’t a contest here … this is a preview of what’s coming up for sale on Friday 🙂
~ all best, Shelley

4 Joy sleeman

It doesn’t say how much, only the value, could you post the price, I’m not game to click on the yes I’m interested button in case I dob myself in for more than I can afford.


5 Sweetie Berry

I agree, could you kindly let us know the price so we can prepare for purchase?

6 Shelley (Head Tomato)

Pricing and sign up info are coming on Friday, I’m still working out all of the details. If you sign up for more info, that doesn’t commit you to anything … just to getting more info 🙂 And I’ve got at least one video coming…
~ all best, me

7 Annie Boulanger

Worth every penny!!
I’ve had the Prestige Pass since the end of September and I’ve enjoyed tremendously being able to partake in any and all the classes Shelley is offering. There’s always somethig going on.

With “Your Business Breakthrough”, I’m getting all the tools and support to launch my own online business; could not have done it on my own!

Every month, I get the “One Good Idea” CD in the mail: it’s a great burst of energy that always seems to be delivered just when I need it…..

I’m trying to kill my home klutter right now; again it’s the push I needed to get things going in the right direction.

Did I mention the cookies I got in the mail last December? WoW, how great is that?!! That made me feel so special! It’s also the little things that count.

I may be able to make it to Paris, or I may not. If I do it’s a great bonus; but for me really, the value is in what I am getting every week, right here in my home, to make my life better.

Thank you Shelley; for the price of a coffee and croissant every day, the past 4 months have been very rewarding!

8 Carol Glesser

More info please

9 joan

I also got the Prestige Pass when Shelley offered it in September. It has been GREAT! The “Fabulous French Desserts” have been fabulous and the “One Pound at a Time” has kept me from wearing those desserts permanently : ).

I have made some great new friends (Hi Annie) as we have been building our businesses together in the business class. I hope more of you will be joining us in the Prestige club.

10 Rena Tucker

Well, it’s about damned time, Missy!

How am I supposed to bring you California Pinot in Paris if I don’t get my ebook up and out and making money???

Hey! I’ve got an idea for a new program/product you should offer: How to Get Your Home Ready to Move Across the Country (or World, as in your case.)

As I write this, I’m 50 feet from the Atlantic Ocean in Indialantic, Florida and I just really need to sell my house, get out of Cali ASAP and move here. This is DEFINITELY my idea of paradise. :-))

And just so you know, I am only taking a *momentary* break from writing the actual ebook…yes, right here, right now, I am working on my very own digital product…WOO-HOO!!!!!

11 Shelley (Head Tomato)

Rena, I know you’ve been waiting to become a Prestige member for a while! I only open up the passes for sale a few times per year, so this Friday it’s your turn 🙂 I can only sell 5 more spots though, because then we’ll be full with 10 members … That’s how many I can feed in my apartment at one time 🙂
~ all best, me

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