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Last fall I filmed my most *popular* cooking class EVER. The first, introductory video has over 184 comments … and by the end of the class, over 7000 subscribers had watched the lessons.

The class? “Fresh From the Freezer.”

Like, can you free carrots? What about yogurt? What happens to cheese when you freeze it? Should you freeze it grated, and if so how not to get lost in the variety of electric graters when you compare the best ones? If you can freeze beans (which you saw from yesterday’s video), then can you freeze chili?

And lots more. I filmed 40 episodes of this class over two seasons. Pretty incredible!

So for today’s gift, I thought I’d give you the VERY FIRST video in the series, so you can see what all the fuss is about.

After you watch the video, post a comment below and tell me something that you learned, and I’ll randomly pick ONE winner to receive Seasons 1 & 2 of Fresh From the Freezer for FREE (value = $109).

Double your chances of winning if you also LIKE this post on Facebook using the link above, and then post a second comment telling me you did!

OK, here’s the video…

Now post below, what did you learn?

All best,

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1 Debbie Christopherson

I loved your introduction to Fresh from the Freezer and I would LOVE to win season 1 & 2. I’m on a VERY tight budget with four children and a husband…well, let’s say 5 children (ha ha), and I’m usually unable to purchase your classes, even though I would like nothing more.



I’ve seen all your videos & I think they are great! I’m sure you help lots & lots of people about what you can freeze, including me. Keep up the great work.

3 Jan Yale

I have seen some excerpts from your videos before, but this was great to see so much more. I haven’t subscribed in the past, because I didn’t feel like I had the time to watch them and REALLY absorb the information. Now I realize that I really need to, because it will definitely save me time (and money) in the long run. Thank you for all you do!

4 Judy

I like your down-to-earth presentation. Keep up the good work.

5 Sheridan

I would love to win this! I learned that you live in Paris. I lived in France for 18 months 20 years ago. I am jealous!

6 Joyce

Hi, Shelley. I enjoy your videos. From this intro. I learned that it’s okay to use glass to store things in the freezer…just something I never thought of doing before you brought it up. In addition, I really like the tip of eating everything out of the freezer every 3-6 months. I just recently ate some dinner rolls that I put in the freezer 7 months ago. And while they did taste okay, they were quite dry. It didn’t help that I was too lazy to double wrap them 7 months ago…thought I’d eat them soon enough that it wouldn’t matter! Thanks.

7 Sheila Jennings

Having moved from England to France I find your site very interesting as I know I will be able to find all the ingredients! It is also the first time I have heard anyone say to wrap your meat twice.From now on I shall be doing that.I really enjoy your videos and look forward to seeing many more.Thanks,

8 Vicky

First of all you’ve lived in some gorgeous cities. And I love your videos. You’ve managed to produced them for the person who is a novice to cooking to someone who just wants to learn more about different techniques and recipes. They are very basic and simple yet informative and delicious. Keep them coming.

9 Rebecca Haughn

Hi there, just learned where I first began to love you sister. I saw these videos and enjoyed the art behind you, always watched the window too. I always thought it odd that it was not mentioned that canning was a way to keep extras on hand long term. It was the realization that I have a friend online that is as close as a video can keep us. Emails too of course. lol

10 Michele ºÜº

I loved learning that I could freeze my celery, which I learned from you. I used to buy a whole package of celery when I’d make chicken soup and then most of it would go to waste, unfortunately. Now when I buy celery, I use what I can in a few days but then I cut each stalk into thirds and then back into qt freezer bags. I can then take several pieces and throw them in when I make broth or soup or even when I roast a chicken. πŸ™‚ No more wasted celery for me!!! Whoo Hoo!

11 Melody

What a joy to watch you in video’s .. I would love to have this disc on hand to refer to alot of the trial n error … I feel the best way to learn to do something right it by trial n error … You and your video’s have been such an insperation to me over this past yr. I have bought a freezer finally and now I need to fill it so it does not cost me so much to shop. I have several jars left over from canning all of my many tomatoes and zuchinni … All I need now is your help to prepare the “on hand” items for daily use …

12 Melody

I have just hit the like button and I have posted you to facebook!
Thank you so much for all you do Shelley.

13 Brenda Howard

Hi Shelley,
I watch all of the season 1 fresh from the freezer and I would love to see the second season.

I learned how to pronounce your last name. I had been wondering how to say it correctly. LOL Thanks you are the best.

14 Mary

This is awesome! This is just what I need! I have been struggling to find ways to make meals last longer and prep time quicker. I have been failing miserably. I could really use your help.

15 Sheila

Hi Shelley,

Memories…great to see the beginning again. Thank you for the reminder to eat down the freezer 2x a year. With a packed freezer we’ll be eating it down over Christmas and beginning of winter. Which is the whole reason for packing it anyways, so we have food without too much shopping. I’m a better “hoarder” than a “user”. Lots of good little reminders and tips. I forgot about the freezing in jars. I’d also like to add that I love, love, love, shredding cheese (cheddar or marble) and freezing them. Its so wonderful to go into the freezer and grab the one-cup baggie that its in and just add it to the recipe without having to get the grater out and grating while I’m putting the dish together.
But I’m gonna start eating our freezer down. Thanks again. Great to “see” you again.

16 Michalina

I loved your first freezer series. I learned a lot about having a freezer pantry and got some great recipes. It really helps cut down on food costs and waste. Thanks!!

17 Suelittle

I learned that Freezer Cooking isn’t all that daunting..
… you make is seem so easy!!!

I LOVE your Fresh from the Freezer course!!

18 Suelittle

… and of course I “liked” it on facebook… πŸ˜‰

19 Teresa

Good job! I learned that glass can work just as well, or better than plastic, to freeze food in! Thanks!

20 Sharon

Thanks for the video. My kids enjoyed watching it with me. We learned not to buy 19 chickens next time they’re on sale πŸ™‚ I also liked the tip about eating through the freezer twice a year.

21 DavetteB

I learned that you married then moved to France ( I guessed you met someone in Paris & stayed). The video feels like it stopped before getting to usable information (could be my internet connection) so I would be interested in hearing what you had to teach.

22 Eva

I learned that I enjoy your “method” of teaching! I have been interested in learning about freezer cooking for a while and have not been able to afford the books that are available here. I hope to see more info from you soon!

Eva in NC

23 Colene

I watched the original series back when you first aired them, and I do not remember the bread bag tip. I am definitely going to attempt to use that. Does that work with all kinds of meat, or just ground beef? Thanks for reshowing!!

24 Sharon

Great ideas. I only wish I had more time for these items. I don’t have a large freeaer area
so it is hard to start freezing so many different items.
Once I move next year, I will get another small type of freezer,

25 Sunshine

I learned that if you use glass, you should leave lots of room. I haven’t used glass before, so that would be pretty important if I do in the future. πŸ˜€

26 Sunshine

posted on facebook!

27 Amy

I love your fresh from the freezer classes! I learned so many wonderful cooking and freezing tips and tricks when you originally posted the first series. One of my favorite tips you gave was about freezing in glass. The glass containers have outlasted my plastic ones by far! Thank you for all of your time and dedication to helping others make yummy food πŸ™‚

28 Amy

I liked this post on Facebook! I would have loved it if I could πŸ™‚

29 Darlene

Thanks for the reminder, we possibly could be sisters I do what you do and experiment ~ our sense of humor & language use of terms ..etc are similar.
I have seen this video and hopefully can win the gift for today. Keep up the great work & videos if more people do as we do could save a lot of money and eat better!
Peace, Darlene

30 suzi

I WOULD LOVE to win season one of fresh from the freezer! I saw season two and it was amazing! Happy Christmas

31 Roxie

I’ve watched to video and learned a couple of things. First, I would have never thought to reuse bread bags to hold things in the freezer. Also, how long meat, like chicken will only last from 3 – 6 months in the frezer. I would love to win a season of Fresh from the Freezer!

32 Dot

Enjoyed season 1 of Fresh From the Freezer and learned a lot which I use regularly. Thanks for all the wonderful information.

33 Kristal

I learned that you can freeze in jars! Who knew? I used to believe that they would break but if you buy the right kind they can withstand the cold temperatures.

34 Kristal

I also like you on facebook! I did not know you had a facebook account. Happy about that.

35 D Thelusma

This is the first video I have seen and your presentation was engaging and informative. I learned how to freeze ground beef. Love the bread bag idea! Looking forward to learning more.

36 Jane

Shelley, I love these video lessons. I’m on lesson 16 and eagerly await some more. I would love to have full access to the complete season 1 and 2.

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