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Today is Day #15 of my 29gifts. Each day for 29 days I’m giving something away. Classes, CDs, recipes, and sometimes $$. Today is one of the money days :)

For today’s gift, I’m going to give away a $25 gift certificate for Toys”R”Us to someone who shares their story about the BEST Christmas present you ever received (or gave).

Tell us about the watch you received when you were 8. Or in my case, it’d be the Barbie camper that my mother made out of a cardboard box, with yogurt lids for wheels (true story!). She painted the insides and hung curtains, and it was just like the (expensive) Barbie camper … or at least it was to me!

Post your story below and tomorrow I’ll pick a winner :)

Are you ready? If you don’t have Toys”R”Us where you live, and you win the prize, I’ll send you an appropriate substitute.

~ all best, Shelley

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1 Annalisa Murden

My favorite Christmas present that I got when I was little was the Barbie townhouse 🙂 I found out when I was older that it was second handed, but regardless I played with that townhouse until it feel apart 🙂

The favorite present I have given is something I haven’t given yet. My 8 yr old is getting a model train set with Thomas the tank engine. She won 2 Thomas cars at a train show last year. She has been begging to get the Thomas engine and some tracks. I scored a nice set to go with the 2 cars pretty cheap. I cannot wait to see the look on her face when she gets up Christmas day 🙂

2 Annie

My presents as a small child came on Dec. 5, in Holland Sinterklaas comes then. My favorite present given to me is a new dress all new, most times it was hand me downs. The closeness of the family at those times was even greater.

3 Darlene

My Magnus Organ
I thought I was the bestest player ever ..practice all the time I bet it wasn’t the best gift after all especially for my poor family all the practicing and driving them crazy. Parents will do the darn-est things then realize shouldn’t of! Still can play rough but can play..!

4 Diane S

My favorite, and most memorable, present was given to me buy my oldest sister when I was just a little girl. We didn’t have money to go out and buy each other gifts, so we made things for one another. We shared a room and before Christmas I did some snooping around, and unfortunately I found my gift. That is what makes the doll house she gave me so memorable. My Christmas day surprise was no longer a surprise. On the upside, I loved the dollhouse. It was made from a wooden crate and had 2 levels to it. I had many happy years playing with my dolls in that dollhouse and had a great time creating extra doll furniture out of old thread spools and salt boxes, etc. That Christmas memory has stuck with me for all these years and cured me of sneaking around trying to find my presents before the proper time.

5 Angel M

My favorite Christmas gift that I have received was my son. He was born four days after Christmas. He’s pure joy with skin on! This year he’ll be 5.

6 suzi

One of my favorite toys is the one my dad’s best friend gave me. As a single guy he didn’t really ever do that before or after but one year he did. I was about eight years old and Jimmy had given me and my sister a gift. I was amazed and was very curious. I love surprises and have never been a gift shaker before…This year I couldn’t wait. What was it? I shaked it and touched it and made many guesses and finally decided it was a clock…I was right it was this funky green alarm clock that had broken because I had “guessed” too much with it! Everyone had a good laugh and my dad’s friend got me a new one to replace it! Suzi

7 MJ

The best gift ever is having my children (ages 9-16) with me for Christmas. For the last year and a half they have been going to school in another state and I only see them once a month or so. With 2 juniors I am realizing how very quickly the years pass and cherish each holiday and memory we make together.

8 Pati

One of my favorite gifts was the watch I found lying in the place my old one was Christmas morning. Why was it so special? Because I LOVE surprises, and in the well over 10 years of marriage, this was the first time my husband was able to keep his gift to me a surprise!

9 judi

My best Christmas gift was my husband! He was a soldier and the only time we could get for our wedding was during his holiday break after basic training. We married just 3 days before Christmas and being married to him is the greatest gift I’ve ever received.

10 Michalina

My favorite present was a pink and purple huffy 10 speed bike! I felt so grown up and thankfully didn’t hurt myself that day riding in the snow:)

11 Kathy Hagle

The best and most honored Christmas present I ever got was the boxed set of Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This was given to me as a preteen, and both my grandpa and grandma on my mother’s side of the family signed each book.
Now as an adult I still have these books, my children have been read to from them. And I look forward to the day I will be able to read them to my grandchildren, as well as show them how their great great grandparents signed their names. As it is another way of showing family connections for years to come.

12 Christine, Scotland

My favourite Christmas present was a gift DH and I gave to our younger son when he was 1.

He didn’t always keep very well, and that Christmas Eve I’d spent the night with him on my Mum and Dad’s couch, keeping him upright a bit so he could breath – he got some sleep, lucky baby!
By stocking time, in the morning, his 3 year-old brother was ready to have his stocking, and had to do that just about on his own, as his wee brother sort of tried to pay attention, then curled up and went to sleep again.
Mid-morning, and time for family presents, said baby was zee-ing, propped up with cushions on the settee. and not ready to pay much attention, till DH and I got him to wake up a bit to see “who was waiting to come and be friends”. We brought Deefer Dog (d’fer dog) in. Younger son’s eyes opened (which for that morning = wide) with amazement. Then he crawled onto his dog, snuggled into the neck and ears, and fell asleep again.

This was a very large stuffed soft plush fabric animal for wee ones to use as a seat or whatever.
Deefer was used as all sorts of things over the years, but for a long time was the only comfort during bad asthma attacks (try keeping something like that well hoovered etc! – my steam cleaner was a blessing).
As time went on, Deefer stayed in bed most of the time, used nightly as a pillow.
For many years, Deefer went on holiday with us, he went away even just for weekends and overnights with families and friends!

Son and I both had a tear in the eye as we slid that old friend into his black bin bag, when it was time for him to go, beyond any more repair.
This comfort pillow was binned on behalf of my younger son, then aged 19, just 2 years ago!

13 Brenda Howard

My best gift ever was when I was about 8-9 yrs old and we opened our gifts on Christmas Eve since we had huge family gathering on Christmas Day and everything would be to chaotic then. I had been begging for a couple of months for a Easy Bake Oven and I had opened all my gifts and was disappointed to find out that I didn’t get it. We always opened our gifts in age order so when it came time for my Mom to open her gifts she picked up a box and said wait this isn’t my name and she got up and approached my Dad with the box and as she extended her arms to hand it to him she twisted and handed it to me. It was my Easy Bake Oven. I was over the moon and was so excited I almost peed in my pants. When I returned from the bath room my brother helped me put it together and we started baking. He was 8 years older than me but he stayed with me and we cooked all night long. We were both sick and sleepy by morning because we cooked the 3 sets of 6 or 8 cakes/cookie sets that I received with my oven. Needless to say we didn’t have much of an appetite on Christmas Day but we were happy!

14 lorraine

I wished apon my Christmas tree star ,on Christmas Eve,when I was in 9th grade. I wished a for a boy friend. I was not a pretty girl (I did get better with age;) and I never had any boys look twice. I prayed to God that night and by the next school yr I met my first boyfriend that I was with for 9 yrs or more and I am still friends with. He moved into the neighborhood around Christmas time but went to the school in the next city (I lived on the dividing line of the 2 cities so he only was across the large park/walking distance from me). He had to finish the schooling at the other school but the following yr he came to my school as is worked like this, in the school district ;that depending on where you geographically lived -half the ‘other city’ would go to my school (there was no child left behind then and ya it was a little weird but my city was only 2×2 miles big;) My most special Christmas present was granted that Christmas Eve but I had to wait 9months for meet him. It is so special because of the time of yr, the patience needed, the faith I had to believe,the 9 months of birthing something new. The blessing was when the first Christmas we spent together was 3 months from meeting and when I told ‘him’ all that was granted to me on that next Christmas , it was a good moment to be thankful again

15 Eva

It was December 19th, 1973 and I just could not wait any longer…I got to be held by my mother for the first time just after midnight on the day I was born.

16 Maureen Pyburn Saulsberry

The best Christmas present that I can remember was when a dear friend “adopted” my family, held a Christmas trimming party where everyone brought a handmade ornament for the tree (I treasure each and everyone of thos ornaments) and a toy for one of my sons. It was a tough year, and her friendship was the best present of all!

17 Sunshine

I think that the best present I will give, will be this years. My daughter is 2 1/2 and has been taking ‘pictures’ for the past year or so with everything around the house the may or may not look like a camera : tv remote, fridge magnets, cutlery, and my favorite, an old CD on a string around her neck. She then takes her ‘camera’ and shows you the picture that she just took. This year she will be getting a real (kids) camera, and I can’t wait to see all the pictures she will take, and to see the world through a toddlers eyes.

18 Joyce

Wow…so many fond memories… Growing up, my family would go to church on Christmas Eve and Santa would visit while we were at church. Sometimes, we would have to drive around town looking at Christmas lights to give Santa a bit more time! One year–for some reason unknown to this “child”–we had to wait until Christmas morning to open gifts. But there were rules, one being that we had to pass by the living room (without peeking at the tree and presents left around it) to the kitchen for family breakfast first. Well, I don’t know about my five sibling but I couldn’t resist looking. The sight was just glorious. Light was pouring into the room through the window, illuminating the tree and all the gifts surrounding it. A bike, a doll carriage (assembled overnight?)–neither one for me–stood out because of their sizes. It wasn’t so much one gift in particular that I remember…it was the visual “feast” that captivated me that year. (Breakfast was cold cereal that day, by the way…not a veggie in site.)

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