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Yesterday’s Gift:

Yesterday, I asked you to tell me about your favourite Christmas present that you either gave or received. The winner will receive a $25 Gift Certificate from Toys“R”Us.

Here’s the winning entry:

The best and most honored Christmas present I ever got was the boxed set of Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This was given to me as a preteen, and both my grandpa and grandma on my mother’s side of the family signed each book. Now as an adult I still have these books, my children have been read to from them. And I look forward to the day I will be able to read them to my grandchildren, as well as show them how their great great grandparents signed their names. As it is another way of showing family connections for years to come.

Thanks so much to Kathy for submitting this story. Watch your email Kathy for more info your gift certificate.

I had a hard time picking a favourite and here are two others that I loved — and I give these Honourable Mentions :)

Sunshine wrote:

I think that the best present I will give, will be this years. My daughter is 2 1/2 and has been taking ‘pictures’ for the past year or so with everything around the house the may or may not look like a camera : tv remote, fridge magnets, cutlery, and my favorite, an old CD on a string around her neck. She then takes her ‘camera’ and shows you the picture that she just took. This year she will be getting a real (kids) camera, and I can’t wait to see all the pictures she will take, and to see the world through a toddlers eyes.

And this one from Brenda:

My best gift ever was when I was about 8-9 yrs old and we opened our gifts on Christmas Eve since we had huge family gathering on Christmas Day and everything would be to chaotic then. I had been begging for a couple of months for a Easy Bake Oven and I had opened all my gifts and was disappointed to find out that I didn’t get it. We always opened our gifts in age order so when it came time for my Mom to open her gifts she picked up a box and said wait this isn’t my name and she got up and approached my Dad with the box and as she extended her arms to hand it to him she twisted and handed it to me. It was my Easy Bake Oven. I was over the moon and was so excited I almost peed in my pants. When I returned from the bath room my brother helped me put it together and we started baking. He was 8 years older than me but he stayed with me and we cooked all night long. We were both sick and sleepy by morning because we cooked the 3 sets of 6 or 8 cakes/cookie sets that I received with my oven. Needless to say we didn’t have much of an appetite on Christmas Day but we were happy!

Today’s Gift:

Today’s gift has no contest, nothing for you to do. Everyone gets a copy of this gift.

I teach a business class called “Your Business Breakthrough,” and my student Annie is hard at work creating a new Gourmet Pizza website filled with ideas on how you can transform homemade pizza into a truly GOURMET experience.

To get you started, Annie has designed a beautiful full-colour recipe booklet including three flavour-infused gourmet oils that you can use right now to dress up any pizza you might be serving this weekend. Let’s elevate your pizza to GOURMET standards 🙂

Did you know you could make flavoured oils at home? I’ve never done it!  And yet, Annie’s booklet has THREE recipes for you to try … and with 30 step-by-step photos, you can’t really can’t make a mistake!

Here’s all you have to do:

1. DOWNLOAD: Click here to download Annie’s free flavoured oils recipe booklet.

2. COMMENT: Please post a comment below and let us know what you think … tell us what you love about the recipe booklet AND what else you’d like Annie to teach you to do with homemade gourmet pizza when she launches her website in the new year.

3. SIGN-UP: If you’d like to be notified when Annie’s pizza site is ready, you can sign up here.

All best,


1 Jaycee

I have just gotten home from a trip to California for an interview for a service dog. As usual Christmas being single seems to always be baby sitting dogs while every one takes in family activities so now that I am home I have a poodle I call Puds for three weeks. I am not so mobile to get out in the winter with out an assistant and so close to Christmas there will be a couple of people checking on me to make sure I have wood in the house for the fire.

This gift is perfect with items on hand … thanks and just my style: home made. Now if I could just get the best thin crust pizza recipe to make hint hint would be bonus. Any chance Shelley/Annie? As the dog and I would love to have a thin crust chipotle chicken and something pizza, since it is 50 miles to go get the mail, pizza nite is and has to be homemade.

warm regards Jaycee from British Columbia, Canada

2 Sabah

Thank you Shelley and Annie for this very beautifully illustrated, colorful and inspiring peek into the pizza cookbook! I would like you to include a delicious whole wheat pizza crust and as for the toppings, I trust your creativity entirely.Maybe you can add some nice soups to complement each pizza for a fancy and healthy combination. The oils are a great idea. You could also experiment with homemade sauces to use on the pizza.

3 Kathryn

I love garlic! 🙂 My husband is getting better. Going gluten free is an adventure–I have found some good gf pizza dough recipes and so now I can use any of these oils on them. Yummmm! thanks

4 Melody

How exciting to learn this! My hubby could eat pizza every day .. he loves it!
I will have to give these oils a go and see what he thinks …
Thank you Shelley for this gift and Thank you Annie for sharing with us.

5 Avis Mawson

I thought your choices of Christmas gifts was excellent. The winner told a really beautiful, whimsical story and the children in the family will appreciat it more the older they get.

As for the recipes for the oil – they’re wonderful. Where do you find all these talented people?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from Canada!!!

6 Tori

PERFECT timing!!!! My partner loves any and all things chipotle, plus this is a recipe I don’t have on file yet. Thanks Shelley & Annie. 🙂

Happy Holidays from Kentucky!

7 Christine, Scotland

These oils sound really delish!

I’ve made garlic oil for myself, several times over the years – I keep any small-ish bottle that might be suitable, if I’ve been given one and use the contents!
A number of years ago, I made my Christmas presents – it did work out cheaper than buying things. Garlic Oil, Herb Oils, Oatmeal Bath Scrub, Pot Pourri.
Making the oils – I just decanted oil with clean fresh herbs. I think they last longer than Annie’s oils.
But I also love the sound of the “cooked” oils. Thanks for the excellent tip to put some plain oil through the filter paper before straining the flavoured oil. That sounds such a simple idea, but with a big impact.

8 Joyce

Thanks for the peek, Shelley and Annie. I love pizza and oils are something I never think to add, but it’s an excellent idea and would add another layer of flavor. What I’d most like to have in the future (pizza-wise) is a recipe/process for a homemade, crispy, craker-like, thin crust.

9 Dawn

Hi Shelley and Annie – thanks for this gift. I like the way the recipes are laid out, easy to follow and the pizzas look delicious. I love making homemade pizza and I look forward to making some of these oils. Now add in Shelley’s roast vegetables for pizza. What a great combo.
I echo what’s been said about crusts. I would really love to know how to make a decent thin crust.
Wishing you all the best of the season.

10 Darlene

oh love the dip idea cool and hope tot ry real soon!

11 Barbie in Melbourne, Australia

Thankyou Annie for the infused oil recipes! They add another dimension to any foods they are added to. As a suggestion for the new web-site Annie, could I please plead for a recipe for “gluten-free, egg-free” pizza dough, on behalf of people with multiple allergies? Many thanks, and may you all have a beautiful Chirstmas (or anything else that is being celebrated), filled with peace, joy, love and loved-ones! From Barbie in Melbourne, Australia, where Christmas is in Summer…

12 Karen

Thank you for sharing your gourmet pizza oils with me. I have never thought about adding oils to a pizza, but this looks and sounds really great!
Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

13 LB

These oils look delicious. I can ‘t wait to make and try them!

14 Lori

Can’t wait to try these for our weekly pizza night! They look so beautiful and I can only imagine the intoxicating aroma. I love that you added lemon and rosemary to the garlic oil — I feel so inspired to go make these this very minute!

15 joan

Never thought of adding flavored oils to pizza, great idea and so simple. These also look like great gifts for some of my foodie friends, Thanks.

Future stuff I would like to see, I agree with some of the other suggestions, gluten-free pizza crust, and a decent whole grain crust. Can pizza (or crust) be made ahead of time? Can it be made in bulk? Can it be frozen and popped into the oven for crazy days instead of calling for delivery? Are there variations that a vegetarian or a vegan could eat? These are things I want to know. Thanks again for the gift.

16 Betty Ann Powell

Hi: These oils sound great & I’m looking forward to try them. Will have to find a Gluten Free pizza crust first though.
Take care & Merry Christmas from Mt. Hope, Ontario!!

17 Cindy

Thank you for the oil recipes! I had not thought of making these oils before! I love making focaccia bread sans cheese (allergies to cheese) in place of pizza for myself when I make it for the family. I can’t wait to try these oils instead on the focaccia for new flavors! 🙂 Thank you again!

18 Denise

Can’t wait to try the garlic oil recipe. Why not use olive oil?

19 MJ

Looks great–exactly yhe kind of thing I would make and enjoy using for my family. Keep it up!

20 Laurie

I once bought a garlic oil that we loved, but it was very expensive. Thank you so much for sharing these recipes with us! I can’t wait to try them.
Annie, when you start your website it would be wonderful if you would explore many different kinds of cheese. I am not a cheese lover, but once in a while I find one that I like. It would be nice to know more about their flavors and what they go best with.
Thanks for sharing!

21 Tasha

Your presentation is wonderful! I love your photos, it’s easy to read and your recipes look delicious and easy to try.

22 Rena

Annie, I LOVE this!!! I love both the content and the presentation of it. It makes me feel…no, KNOW…that I can do it myself. I’m so inspired to make gourmet at home…as soon as we *have* a home in Las Vegas! 😉 Thank you!!!

23 Marilyn Scraver

Away from my office over the holidays, I could occasionally download emails but not read or follow up on them. Now I’m catching up and these oil recipes for gourmet pizzas are promising! Thanks for making them available.

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