Day 25 Gift > One Dozen Cookies mailed right to your door

Yes, today’s gift is a dozen homemade cookies … cappuccino shortbreads topped with bittersweet chocolate. They’re divine. I’m going to make a dozen and put them in the mail to someone … is it you? Will you win today’s prize?

Here’s what you have to do to win:

I’m launching a brand new cooking class in January and this class needs a NAME.  That’s where you get to help.  Want a dozen cookies? Then put on your thinking cap and help me brainstorm a great name.

What I know about the class so far:

In September, I started baking and selling bread from my tiny Parisian kitchen (Paris Bread Co.) … and so in my new cooking class, I want to teach YOU how to make the exact same breads that I sell in the bakery.

The class will include 5 lessons on different types of bread, starting with the basics, moving on to simple shaped loaves and buns.

This is a class for beginners. No big science formulas. No complicated math ratios. You won’t need a bread machine or a fancy mixer.

And for each lesson, you’ll receive a kit in the mail with the ingredients you’ll need (except for flour, and perishable stuff like milk or eggs).  This means that you’ll be making the lessons using the exact same ingredients that I’ll be using in the videos.  So you’ll have virtually guaranteed good results 🙂 No measuring errors, no fussing with new or hard to find ingredients. I’ll send you everything you need.

Certificate Option: If you complete all of the lessons and send me pictures of your results, and if you learn to bake bread to the standards that I sell in my bakery, then YOU will receive a certificate and blog banner that indicates that you’ve completed the Level 1 Apprentice Baking Class at Paris Bread Co.

… But I want to call this class something more lovely than “Level 1 Apprentice Baking Class” … don’t I?

Hint #1:  I like alliteration, but I’m not married to it.  Other class names that I have, as examples: Your Business Breakthrough, Fresh From the Freezer, Back to Basics.

Hint #2:  Since this is a certificate class, it should have a nice official sounding name.

Hint #3: You and your kids can take the class at the same time, I’ll offer discounted kits if shipped to the same address so that 3 or 4 of your kids can do the lessons at the same time.

If you’d like to win a dozen cookies, then post your ideas below. No limit on your creativity. Give me as many ideas as you like.  I’ll pick the one that fits best.  Or I may stick with “Level 1 Apprentice Baking Class” or a variation on that theme.  Your ideas, thoughts, creative genius, and brainstorming appreciated 🙂  Cookies.  Who wants cookies?

all best, me


1 Avis Mawson

I used to bake bread twice a week much to my husband’s pleasure. He would walk into the kitchen and say – See you’re back to the basics of life again – and he
always called my baking schedule “Yummy Bread Baking” which got shortened to
YBB. If I got a phone call he would tell them I was busy with YBB and I would call him when I and the yeast finished working. In our house Mondays and Thursdays were YBB Day. Silly but fun. Don’t expect this will give you a name for your Bread Class but just some idle chatter along the way. Love Avis

2 Sally

Shelley, you’ve offered such delightful things throughout the 29 days –but cookies? Yippee!! So, here are my contributions for consideration: Rising to Perfection with Grains; Great Meal Basics; Bread as a Base; Staff of Life Baking. It will be great fun to review the additional names submitted. Happy New Year to you and your family! Sally

glad you’re happy with the cookies gift !

3 Debbie

We bake sour dough bread regularly in this house so I know how wonderful the baking bread smells as well as how wonderful it is right out of the oven. My suggestions are as follows. On the Rise, Rise and Shine, Much Breader fresh. I hope you like my Ideas.

4 b

rise to the occasion…just an idea. i had a bread machine and loved the smell and wonderful bread…ate it too fast and too much…returned the machine. its too addictive.

B, what if you divided into smaller loaves and then froze the leftovers, only pulling out bits at a time? i think i’ll include that, too 🙂

5 Barbara Helms

Rollin’ in dough

6 elena

Basic Kneads Class?
Kneadful Things?
Kneadful Knowledge?
Learning to Loaf?
Loafing Around?
Loafing Lessons?
Rolling in Dough?
Loaf n Round Lessons?
(happy new year!)

7 lorraine

Mentoring Your Bread Baking Apprenticeship Class (101)
Your Bread Baking Apprenticeship Class (101)
Bread Baking Apprenticeship Class (101)
Bread Making Protégés (101)
Apprentice to Protégés Bread Baking Level 1

8 Anastasia

Bakery Bread Basics

9 Sunshine

I Loaf You

I think this is hilarious : )

10 MJ

Baking By the Dozen?

The first thought that came to mind for you is already taken : (–it’s the name of a cookbook: What You Knead.

Maybe…Breads Your Family Kneads?

I love to bake my own bread (although I’ve become “lazy” since having children and let my machines do the kneading) and I’m excited that you are going to share this foundational skill with others through your unique and fun teaching style!

11 Laura Griffith

My vote would be Bread for Life.

12 Sabah

1.Come loaf around kneadfully: Here’s all you need to learn about basic bread building.
2.Rise and Roll-learn to knead dough and more…
3.Knead dough till you need (in italics) it and can do without it no more…A bread baking class to know.
4.Early to bread, early to rise: Shelley shall show you how to grow healthy, wealthy and wise.
5.Build the bread and bake your bun to earn or simply have fun!
6.A beginner’s basics to building a bakery.
7. For Bucks or for Fun, Build a bakery and bake a batch of buns.

13 Shelley (Head Tomato)

Sabah, I like #6 : )

14 Paige

Easy dough
You can dough it (a play on you can do it)
Just dough it..a play on just do it

15 Cindy

A Beginners Class to Baking Bread.

16 Sabah

Let me tweak it a bit: A beginner’s basics to building a bakery:Neither brick ovens nor baking stones necessary.

17 Annalisa Murden

Our Daily Bread

18 Bev

Bread Baking for Beginners
Apprenticeship in Baking Bread
Bread Basics 101
Rise to the Occasion–Learning to Bake Bread in Five Easy Lessons

19 Sabah

Another that comes to mind if not for this but any of your ventures:
Earn a do- it -yourself deli for dummies diploma today!

20 Betty Ann Powell

Doughs Arising Class
Knead Rising Baked Dough Class

Happy New Year!!

21 Sabah

8. A beginner’s basics to building a bakery: dough it yourself!
9. A dough it yourself guide to building a bakery
10.Dough yourself a bread favour by taking this bread baking class.
11.A beginner’s building blocks to a bakery: From ignorance to bliss…
12.A beginner’s building blocks to a bakery: From basics to bliss…

22 Sabah

oops-in entry # 10, I didn’t mean to put in the second ‘bread’

23 Rena

Sabah, you are SO clever with words!!!!!

(All I could come up with was Burnt Bread Begone.) 😉

24 Fracie

I love making bread. You might name it Breads : Plain and Fancy.
I so enjoy all that you do.

25 Terri

Knead your dough to new heights

26 Eva

Yeast Master! Lessons in Bread Making

27 rita

Bread Baking Basics
Beginners Bread & Bun Baking
Bread & Bun Baking Basics

28 Diane S

Beginning Bread Baking – Paris style
Budding Bread Bakers Arise
Paris Bread Co. Apprenticeship Program #1

29 Darlene

101 Baking & Certificate completion courses. Paris Bread Company
Cool..bring ’em on!

30 Jennifer & Margaret

idea #1: Rise & Shine
idea #2: Rise to the yeast
idea #3: Loafin’ Around
idea #4: From Bread to Crumbs
idea #5: Slice of Satisfaction


31 Jeanie



Love those cookies specially chocolate chunk. Yummm. I thought I would make some cookies that had all of the ingredients that I had put in several different cookies and I did and they were awsome, I called them the chocolattevancomallow cookie everyone at the party loved them they came out very chewy and very gooey.

33 Joyce

Paris Bread Company’s Apprentice Baking, Level 1

34 Christina R

Knead to Loaf

35 Melody

Sorry I was not home for this one … I would of simply suggested:
Paris Bread Around the World Class

36 Debra

What about: Bread Baking 1?
Nice n’ simple.
Or: One Roast Bakery/Baking 1?
Shelley’s Bread Basics
The Paris Oven Class
Paris Oven Basics
The Paris Oven 1
The Paris Kitchen: Bread Basics or Bread 1?

Good luck with the class! Sounds fab!

37 pesala

1. “Basic Breaking Bread”
2. “Paris the way to basic bread making”
3. “Breaking the ignorance to the bliss of making bread”

some ideas from Asia

38 Christine, Scotland

“Knead to Feed the Family”

Thank you for all the opportunities this past month – I reckon we’re all really appreciating your get-up-and-go as well as your giving spirit.

However, if I should win this particular competition – please keep the cookies and postage and add it as my contribution to your banana loaf appeal. That will stop me from feeling that I’d “have” to eat a cookie, and also prevent diabetic DH from feeling obliged to eat all the rest of them 😀

39 Richard Patrick Deline

How about “Rise ‘n Shine!”
” Rise Up!”
” Arise!” ???????

40 Jeanne

Angel bread basic,level 1
For sure anyone who loves bread and baking it suspects that angels must have had a hand in it being. Just a thought!
one of my to do’s for 2012 is master the art of bread making

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