One Pound at a Time ($87 value)

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to lose a few pounds? This is the time of year we all want to literally tighten our belts. We want to move away from elastic waist pants (!) and towards being more healthy.

But we also know that ‘diets’ don’t really work, and that according to research the only thing that really seems to work is ‘lifestyle change’.

Yes, but who’s teaching ‘life style change’?

Well, I’ve created a weight loss class called “One Pound at a Time” that does just that.

Now, I’m not a dieting specialist :) I’m not a nutritionist, or a doctor, or a nurse, or an expert, or a dietitian, or a rah-rah weight lifter, or a personal trainer, or a fitness guru.

I’m a regular person just like you.

But over the last five years, I’ve collected some pretty great healthy eating ideas.  And I know that in a class environment, we can both work at chipping away at those pounds, one pound at a time!

For today’s gift, I’m going to give away one free pass to this class “One Pound at a Time: Weight Loss Together” (value = $87 each). This is a 3-month class, where you receive emails and videos from me every day or two for 3 full months. There’s also a blog space for you to post comments and where we can support each other.

Wouldn’t you love to begin your new year with the right kind of support to help you be successful?

You have three chances to enter to win:

    1. For one chance to win, post a comment below and tell me why you’d like to lose weight NOW. Why now?


    1. For a second chance to win, click the “LIKE” button above (for Facebook) which will add a link to your Facebook page about this “One Pound at a Time” contest. Then come back HERE and post a second comment below saying “I’ve added this to my Facebook page” – or something like that!


  1. For a third chance to win, sign up on the ‘more information’ list here, and then come back to the blog and let me know that you signed up 🙂

Maximum three entries per person. And tomorrow I’ll use the random number generator to select the lucky winner.

~ all best,


1 Malia

OOH is it too late to enter? I want to do this again. WE JUST laid out our next three month business plan and as part of it, we added personal fitness. It is as important to our business as cash flow. When I feel bad, I perform poorly…and when I feel great, business is so much easier!

2 Shelley (Head Tomato)

Malia, not too late! And if you share on FB you can get another vote 🙂
~ all best, Shelley

3 Marlene

I’d like to lose weight to feel better.

4 Marlene

I’ve “LIKED” you on Facebook.

5 Janie Bowen

I want to lose weight now for my health. I am severely morbidly obese and any help is appreciated and needed.

6 Janie Bowen

I have added this/liked this on Facebook.

7 Kathy

Hmmm, I’m a nurse and almost a nutritionist…but seem to still be gaining weight over the years. Sounds like you have something that intrigues me to finally shed the excess 50lbs.

8 Kathy

I liked you on fb.:)

9 Kathy

I signed up on your more info list….for a third entry.

10 Debbie

“LIKED”, signed up, and commented 🙂 Happy 2012!

11 Dia

I’d like to lose weight to be able to play with my grandson.

12 Dia

I liked you on Facebook.

13 Dia

I signed up for more information.

14 Sally

This would be “The Best” — I would like to lose wieght generally for my health and to stay on this planet longer! In addition, I would like to romp and run and play with my dear grandchildren instead of just sit with with them for games/stories!

15 Susan

My clothes are tight but I don’t want to spend money on clothing in a larger size. And, of course, I want to be healthier!

16 Susan

Liked on FB.

17 Sally

Shelley – all steps completed and I am feeling lucky on this first day of 2012! Happy New Year to you and your family.

18 Susan

Signed up for more information.

19 Crystal

I’ve been packing on pounds (like 80!) since my son and daughter were born (3 and 1 years ago) due in part to lots of work stress. I’m starting back to work next week and would like to start getting my act together!

20 Crystal

I signed up for more info.

21 Peggie

I NEED to lose some weight. I am diabetic and have high blood pressure and know that losing weight will help both. I am so frustrated with where I am stuck right now and think this may be an encouragement and help!
Thanks for the chance.

22 Peggie

I “Liked” you!

23 Peggie

I signed up for more info!

24 tanna

Why do I want to lose weight? Because I have HAD it! I had an incident happen about 13 years ago now, and I have added on the pounds since then. I was able to lose 20, but I think that is because those were gained due to some medicine issue an ongoing bout of upper respiratory crap. However, I used to be very physically active and healthy. Now my blood pressure is up, my headaches are worse, and my cholesterol is up. I have done a couple of things to get this under control, but I still need guidance and accountability. I faced the incident of 13 years ago and learned why I still hold the weight, but I am ready to face taking it off. I signed up for a work fitness challege which involved getting weighed and measured, and I am soooooo over it. I am just ready to do this thing.

25 tanna

I liked your program on facebook! Thank you for offering this (while u r on vacation no less!)

26 tanna

AND I signed up for more info! woot woot!

27 Shantel

I’d like to lose 40 lbs. by my 40th birthday (this year!).

28 Shantel

I signed up for more info…thanks!!

29 Linda

I need to stop the downward spiral! I must lose weight so that I can bring my blood pressure under control without drugs!

30 Linda

I’ve added this to my Facebook page

31 Linda

“Yes Shelley, I’m signing up below
Because I want you to send me more information
about your new class One Pound at a Time:
Weight Loss Together”

32 mary

I need to lose weight as soon a possible I have uncontrolable blood pressure, ashtma, under active thyroid , arthitis, and i am over weight which adds to all of the other health problems!

33 Dodie

I would love to get off cholestrol meds and feel better in my clothes..

34 mary

I signed up for more information on the class.

35 Darlene

Now cuz is always a struggle..medication for thyroid and having accountability helps that’s how I found you from mutual person on SparkePeople. hope to get the prize and be a WINNER @ losing..AMEN!

36 Sheryl

Eating vegetables is the way to loose weight. Also my New Year’s Resol. Looking forward to your recipes. Love the Roasted Vegetables!

37 Darlene

I’ve added this to my Facebook page and
For a third chance to win, I signed up

38 Diane S

I’d like to lose weight now because I have put on a few pounds over Christmas break.

39 Michelle Felton

I would like to lose weight for my health. I have diabetes!

40 Michelle Felton

I’ve liked on Facebook!

41 Michelle Felton

I signed up for more information about the class.

42 Jane

I lost 30 pounds over the past 4 years with help from, but have slipped and put five back on. I need to turn this around and get back to a healthier me!

43 Sandra

I have been told that I need to have both knees replaced.
To be the most success full I need to be at my idea weight to insure a
great outcome.
The doctor also said that there is a good chance that if I was at my ideal
weight that I may not need the surgery. My choice by the way!!
The daily pain is a real motivator and winning the class is the only way
I could participate due to finances.

44 Pauline

I would like to lose weight to reverse my chances of getting diabetes. I am pre-diabetic right now.

45 Pauline

I have like you on my facebook page!

46 Pauline

I signed up for the “more information page”

47 Kelly

A few pounds have slowly crept up on me over the past few years as I completed graduate school and started working again. It’s now time to give the “mental” side a break and focus on the “physical” for awhile until the two are back in balance again!

48 Kelly

AND I signed up for more information please!

49 Sandra

Three Chances!!
I “Like” on Facebook.
Made a “comment”.
I requested “more information”.
Thank you for all you do Shelly.
Happy New Year!

50 Monica

was diagnosed with Lupus in 2011 and know that good health is essential for any type of autoimmune disease..need all the help I can get! 🙂

51 Pam

I currently weigh about 40-50 lbs more than I should. I need to lose weight because I am uncomfortable, physically and emotionally

52 Pam

I have done all three now.

53 Deb

I want to lose weight before my son’s wedding this year.

54 Eva

I decided to get active and eat healthier. My husband even got me a bicycle for my birthday on the 19th! What got me about the bicycle was that I realized it has been nearly 30 years since I have been on one! YIKES! LOL! Here’s to everyone’s health! *clink* 🙂

55 Eva

I completed all three entry requirements…thank you for the opportunity!

56 Kathy Price

I desperately need to lose weight for my life

57 Yvonne

I would love to begin the New Year right!!!! One pound at a time!

58 Yvonne

Yes! I’ve added this to my Facebook page and signed up for more information!

59 jerri

I signed up for more info. Thanks.

60 Eileen

I want to lose weight because I know I would be healthier, and I know I’d feel better.

61 Eileen

I signed up for more info.

62 Mary

I am tired of losing weight and gaining it back. I want to do it differently and wisely.

63 Mary

I liked on facebook and I’m back to verify my third entry.

64 Stephanie Sigalos

I not only need to lose the extra pounds, but I have to get my blood pressure under control as well. I want to have energy to keep up with my three kids & live long enough to watch them grow up. I’m afraid I’m going to die young if I don’t get healthy NOW.

65 Stephanie Sigalos

I just “liked” this page on Facebook!

66 Marie

I need to lose weight.
Thanks for the chance to win.

67 Stacey

My mom passed over the Christmas holiday and I promised myself to make time for improving my health this year; not only for me, but also my four children.

68 Sandra

I “like” you on face book.

69 Sandra

I requested “more information”.

70 Sandra

I need to do this to avoid having surgery on both of my knees.
I have tried it my way for years, failed! Now it is time to let someone help me.
I am so ready for this, thank you for the opportunity.

71 Lela Bryan

Hi Shelley,

I signed up for more information
I liked it on Facebook
and now for my comment.

I am turning 64 in a few days and my degree is in Home Economics and yet you come up with the most brilliant ideas. Martha Stewart used to be my hero but now you are!

I have fallen into a routine that I have not been exercising and have not been eating right and drinking too much wine. I need to get some structure back and I think you always have such good ideas… that your class sound like the ticket!

72 Donna

I’d like to get some structure back after the holiday goodie blitz, and go healthily into the new year!

73 Rita

I want to lose wait so I don’t have to go on cholesterol medicine and feel better in my clothes; my doctor gave me 6 months to lose weight and retest my blood then

74 Janae McCormack

I want to lose weight because I want to get back on track. I feel so tired all the time and I get very depressed. I don’t want to feel like a fat cow anymore. I want to start getting enough energy to start taking walks and feel good about myself.

75 Janae McCormack

I’ve posted this to my facebook page.

76 Janae McCormack

I signed up for more info.

77 Michalina

I’d like to lose weight so I can get back to my pre-baby size!

78 Michalina

I liked you on Face Book.

79 Michalina

I signed up on the more information list.

80 Joyce

I would like to lose weight now because I would like to feel better generally…to have more energy and to feel as though I am taking good care of my body.

81 Sandy

I’m going on a cruise in May and would love to lose the extra weight that I’ve gained in the last year.

82 Sandy

Just added like to facebook.

83 Sandy

Signed up for more information.

84 Patty

I need to lose weight. It hurts to stand on my feet all day at work. I need a support and a way.

85 Liz

I need to lose weight for various health reasons and have trouble doing it by myself.

86 Liz

I have added this to my facebook page.

87 Liz

Signed up for the “more information” list. Thank you.

88 Rose

signed up and hoping the generator picks me!

89 Rose

I need to lose weight NOW because I have carried it for 15 years and have only 18 months before I turn the big 5 0. I also am on medications that cause weight gain (and make weight-loss difficult/slow) so need support team to keep me focused.

90 Paula

I’d like to lose weight now because I’ve gained back the 33 lbs I lost last year, and I want to feel as good as I did then – and keep it off this time! Thanks for the chance to win!

91 Honey

Very interested in your program

92 Polly

I like the idea of fellowship in a weight loss program. Since I have 3 small children getting out of the house to meetings or socializing is not always an option. Please consider me for your free pass, it would be greatly appreciated. It would give me a real “lift”.

93 irene

I would like to lose 20 lbs. It would help to get my blood pressure down. Thank you.

94 Carole

Hi, Hope I’m not too late to enter. I need to lose weight so I can be healthier. My husband and children count on me. I am going to do things to be healthier this calendar year. Losing weight would be a bonus.

95 Carole

Hi, again. I signed up for more info about the “One Pound” class.

96 Donna

I have currently lost 40 pounds and have 37 left to go.

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