Day 32 Gift > Are you at the elastic pants stage?

one-pound-at-a-time-scale-only Yesterday, my gift was to give away one free pass to my 3-month class “One Pound at a Time: Weight Loss Together.” I am happy to announce that Darlene (comment #35) is the winner.  Winner chosen using If you won, please email me your desired username/password, and I’ll get you into the class today.

Thanks so much to everyone for posting comments on the blog – and thanks for your honesty in sharing your stories. For today’s gift, I’d like to extend a 30 day free trial of this class “One Pound at a Time” to everyone who shared a comment (and even if you were too shy to post). This free trial offer is only good for 24 hours, and will end Tuesday @ 12 noon Eastern.

30 day free trial > One Pound at a Time: Weight Loss Together

Let me be honest with you.

My class is not a diet.  Frankly, you’ve had enough of all of the desperate diets and counting points. I know I have. I’m not the slightest bit interested in counting anything. Except maybe counting on new slimmer jeans in my drawer that are one size smaller!

I know you’re thinking: “If this class isn’t a diet, then what kind of class is it?”

It’s a ‘change your ideas’ kind of class.  The best kind of change.  The kind of change that seems EASY to do, makes sense, and that you do in a group of like-minded, cool people, who are all doing the same thing at the same time.

Crystal says:

“I’ve been packing on pounds since my son and daughter were born (3 and 1 years ago) due in part to lots of work stress. I’m starting back to work next week and would like to start getting my act together!”

Kelly wrote:

“A few pounds have slowly crept up on me over the past few years as I completed graduate school and started working again. It’s now time to give the “mental” side a break and focus on the “physical” for awhile until the two are back in balance again!”

Pam says:

“I currently weigh about 40-50 lbs more than I should. I need to lose weight because I am uncomfortable, physically and emotionally.”

Stacey wrote:

“My mom passed over the Christmas holiday and I promised myself to make time for improving my health this year; not only for me, but also my four children.”

Are you at the elastic pants stage?

Are you tired of having to undo your pants after dinner, and hanging out on the weekend in sweatpants. Have you run out of ways to hide yourself in family photos?

You’re not alone.  And I’ve got some ideas that I think can help 🙂

30 day free trial > One Pound at a Time: Weight Loss Together

To get you started, here’s an idea for today:

If you’re about to eat something you know isn’t really super healthy, like a muffin from the coffee shop, then you can apply what I call the “One-Bite-Less” strategy.

Here’s what you do. You take off a piece of the muffin, about one bite’s worth, and you throw it away. Then you eat the rest of the muffin.

OK, what happens there? You eat less than you normally would, but you exercise your willpower BEFORE you start eating.  It’s human nature to eat until the food is gone.  So what I’m suggesting is that we remove a piece FIRST, and then eat the rest.  One-Bite-Less.

You may think that’s not a very big change, but it will suddenly begin to change the way you think about what you eat.

And that’s what healthy eating is all about:  having new ideas in our head to replace the old ideas (that frankly haven’t been working for us that well).

Tonight I’m going to do One-Bite-Less with my dinner. We’re having turkey burgers and sweet potato fries, all homemade, mostly healthy. I’m going to cut off a bite of the hamburger, bun and all, while I’m still in the kitchen, and I’m going to put it on André’s plate (because he’s skinny and has a hollow leg).

Then I’m going to eat my reduced dinner. One bite less. Easy and painless.

Lots more to come in the class. Hope to see you on the inside. Please take advantage of the 30 day free trial before tomorrow @ noon : )

30 day free trial > One Pound at a Time: Weight Loss Together

All best,


1 Maureen

Can’t afford your class but your one bite less idea is awesome! I can do that….and starting tomorrow (it’s 10:45 pm when I am reading this) I’m going to do just that…maybe even 2 bites (one for each of my dogs’ dishes).

2 Maureen

Oh and the can’t afford is a temporary thing, perhaps soon, but entire bottom of car, CV joint, ball bearings, calipers (like I really know what all these things are!) all decided to break at the same time today, so all monies this month go to CAR.

3 Peggie

Like Maureen we are having car problems, our washer and dryer went about two weeks ago and my job ended on the 18th of December. Not affording is an understatement right now. However, this idea sounds easy enough no matter what the budget it!!
Maybe my hubby will join me as he needs to lose too.

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