Day 13 Gift > Fabulous French Desserts (free pass!)

Living in France takes some adjustments. You have to get used to the outdoor cafés, the cheap and plentiful wine, and the beautiful views.

You also have to get used to the desserts.

gateau.aux.pommesGateau aux pommes
(Upside-down apple cake made with yogurt so the cake stays nice and moist)

imageClafoutis aux cerises
(Cherry clafouti, like a fresh cherry pancake baked in the oven)

Petit pot de chocolate

(Creamy chocolate dessert served in tiny cups, mousse but richer!)

400x300 cake with slice missing IMG_5640
Gateau moelleux aux peches
(Soft peach cake with ground almonds, and a secret syrup).

<le sigh>

Yes, getting used to the desserts is hard work.

I’ve filmed a 4-part video cooking class so that you can learn how to make these easy desserts no matter where you live.

For today’s gift, I’m going to give away one free passe to this class “Fabulous French Desserts” (value = $29 each) and all of those recipes are included in the class.

Wouldn’t you love to impress your family with some easy (and Fabulous) French Desserts?

You have two chances to enter to win:

  1. For one chance to win, post a comment below and tell me which one of the four desserts you’d most like to learn to make – and why!
  2. For a second chance to win, click the “SHARE This: Facebook” link below which will add a link to your Facebook page about this “Fabulous French Desserts” contest. Then come back HERE and post a second comment below saying “I’ve added this to my Facebook page” – or something like that!

Maximum two entries per person. And tomorrow I’ll use a random number generator to select the lucky winner.

~ all best,

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1 Melissa


OOOhhhhh I can’t decide! They all look so yummy. I think it is a toss up between the Gateau aux pommes or the Gateau moelleux aux peches.
I live in the Niagra Region … the fruit belt of Ontario and both peaches and apples are so plentiful I am always looking for new ways to cook with both of them. You could pick between those two and suprise me, either would be wonderful!!

2 Kedrann Hill

Petit pot de chocolate because well, I love chocolate! My 5 year old son has called me hot chocolate mommy since he was about 2 because he knows how much I love a cup of good quality hot chocolate or any great chocolate for that matter!

3 Lucille

I would Looooooove to learn all four…..just love making desserts and really enjoy your Videos……would just Love to Win this opportunity to learn from You…x

4 Joyce

Hi, Shelly. The Petit pot de chocolate looks and sounds divine. I choose that, not only because I love chocolate, but because I’d rather have a bit of something rich and wonderful than a whole lot of mediocre. I’m not referring to your desserts, of course!… (I’m talking about food that’s…ummm…less-than-real.)
PS Thanks for all of your generous gifts over these past couple of weeks-ish. I’ve made the shortbread bars, which were easy and sooo delicious.

5 Susan Little

Petit pot de chocolat… because it’s chocolate.. 🙂

6 Grace

How to decide??? I would have to go with the chocolate because I have to have (yes must have 😉 some every day.

7 Priscilla

I always love challenge to try new dishes that I never heard of before in a recipe. My favorite one would be the Clafoutis aux cerises. I never heard of a oven pancake before so why not impress my love ones with this unique recipe.

Thanks for sharing


8 Margo Dykiel

Ohhh Shelly, they all look so good. I think I would like to try the Gateau moelleux aux peches. My husband loves peaches and I think it would be something special if I made this for him. Then I would try the Petit pot de chocolate for myself. Everything looks delicious.

9 Jane

At first I wanted to make Gateau aux pommes, because I have apples in my freezer. Then I noticed how delicious Gateau moelleux aux peches looked, and I remembered that I also have peaches in my freezer, all from the summer harvest. Now I’m torn. I guess if I have to select one, I will choose Gateau moelleux aux peches. The photo looks good enough to eat!

10 Erin

Gateau aux pommes — I love using apples to cook/bake with, especially in the fall when they are so plentiful.

11 Margo

I’ve shared this on my facebook page.

12 Jaycee Warfield

French Peach Cake, just because I live in such a rural area and there is not a lot bakery’s to pop in and buy things for the weekend some hours from the city to such isolation and quiet as I am considedered a country hick but I love to surprise the city slickers with something they have never had and never forget so thier contribution to the meal of a store bought something desert can be used for the first Coffee when they arrive, so to secretly knock their socks off with a real home cooked tasty meal and a desert they go back for seconds so they mmm and ahh enough I can “oh just something I whipped up glad you enjoyed”. Hope it can be made with home canned peaches or my choice will have to be changed to the French Apple Cake and thanks again Head Tomato for your generous nature of this Christmas giveaway month and the Best of the Season to all the participants and of course not to forget Shelly you and yours..Merry Christmas may the New Year bring all and more of your goals completed and more recipes for those of us that still have too slow of internet speed to just tune in and watch but endevour when a real recipe is worth the hour or so listen to the broken pieces and hope it doesn’t time out as the computer shuts the web page down to try later…LOL but still a fan…jc

13 Rachael

The chocolate pots, no question there!

14 Rachael

I shared it!

15 Emma

The up – side down apple cake with yogurt. love apples and with yogurt it would be the uttermost.

16 Emma

I shared it.

17 Lyne Blodgett

I would have to say the apple cake would be what I’d like to make the most as they are plentiful here year round at a consistent price.

18 Roxanna

Wow! Difficult to choose. The apple cake for my wonderful husband will be my first choice. Thank you for all the recipes you share.

19 Shelley (Head Tomato)

The winner of this gift is Erin (Comment #10). Thanks for all the comments!

20 Stacy

I would love to learn how to make Gateau moelleux aux peches just because it looks SO yummy!!

21 Denise

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the petit pot de chocolate! Anything Chocolate! Love the French atmosphere and the cuisine. Hoping to Win!! so I can share !

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